Tech Firms Are Facing A Huge Skill Gap! But, Is There A Solution?

Fact one: according to a recent report by TOI (Times of India) companies are finding it difficult to fill in vacant positions for data scientists and engineers; UI and UX developers, and software architects. Fact two: based on another report published by India Today, the Human Resource & Development Ministry has pegged the number of engineering and technological institutes at 6,214. This translates to a staggering 1.5 million engineers released into the job market every year! Surprised at the irony? Clearly, there’s a supply and demand gap, particularly in the IT economy. According to Krish Lakshmikanth, CEO of Head Hunters, India, “Of the 100 resumes we get, only 3-4 are qualified”. For companies looking to hire, this amounts to an abysmal 4% success rate. That leaves us with an important question – where are the right candidates? And how do we find them? It’s like separating the wheat from the chaff. The ideal hiring process is long and cumbersome. Starting with scanning CVs and shortlisting it, hiring executives are required to schedule convenient interview slots – one that suits the candidate and other members of the hiring panel. Usually, vacancies at the top-levels are filled by filtering candidates through at least two levels. Post this, the finer details such as compensation and date-of-joining is discussed. A security check is initiated and if all goes well, the vacancies are filled. Thankfully, this laborious process is becoming passé. Owing to time and convenience, both candidates and interviewers are now taking to video interviews. Here’s the thing though. Once developed as a tool that allowed real-time audio and video communication, applications such...

Talent Transformation Specialists Required At Monjin

About Monjin Monjin is a next-gen, transformational platform for Talent Acquisition processes and outcomes. There is no other company globally which offers a combination of an interviewer network and ‘ready-to-view’ videos evaluated by experts along with the video interview platform. So, Monjin is a first-of-its-kind, digital, video assessment platform based out of India, EU and US. The way it works is: – An individual register with us online – Based on the individual’s registered skill/ sub-skill he/ she would be interviewed by an expert (from our expert empanelled interviewers) – The interviewer-rated video is then available to enterprises eliminating their need to source CVs, schedule interviews, find interviewers and take interviews. The client can then accept/ reject the candidate, further interview the candidate and roll out the offer. The benefits are triple-fold: – Enterprise: Reduce time (20-90%), management bandwidth and cost (agency recruitment fee, recruitment team size) by 30-80% – Candidate: His/ her single video is visible to multiple companies – Interviewers: Earn fees and can showcase their expertise to prospective employers The write-up of Monjin appeared in the Economic Times. Monjin was also featured in SMARTCEO and YahooFinance About The role Monjin is looking for Incredible, dynamic go-getter Team Leads(Recruitment) in Pune, who will be making a significant impact on people’s lives and help transform the Talent Acquisition ecosystem. We hope to see great networkers here who can aggregate and curate assessment content. When Monjin clients, have to look for good talent, they access Monjin and see the world’s first network of video Interviews, where candidates meet Monjin Interviewers. We help clients as quickly and awesomely...

A Match Made Over Video: Helping hiring managers find ideal candidates

Last June, Goldman Sachs Group Inc announced that it would forgo the first round of campus interviews and implement a video platform instead. The decision allowed the organization to cast their proverbial hiring nets beyond top Ivy League colleges in the US and include anyone who was simply interested. Video interviews are fast becoming an acceptable method of recruitment, and for good reason. More and more companies are focused on finding the ‘right fit’ and video interviews serve as a feasible method to expand talent search and bring in the very best. Not convinced? Here are our top 4 reasons why you must adopt video interviews during campus placement. Doing more in less time Cumming Corporation, a consulting firm largely based in the US tapped into the power of video to screen twice as many applications and sift through 633 internship applications to fill in 30 positions. It’s safe to assume that they hired the very best of the lot. Sometimes a few good applications remain unattended simply because there isn’t enough time or resource to handle the heavy influx, which ultimately defeats the entire hiring process. Video-interview is here to change that. Finding the ‘perfect fit’ There’s a fine line between finding a skillful candidate versus the ‘perfect fit’. The difference is probably why Steve Jobs didn’t fit in with IBM but made Apple millions of dollars. Companies are largely investing more time and effort in hiring candidates who are in sync with their culture and work ethics. If you’re one of them, video interviews will help you scan candidates across the distance so that you find the...

Forget CVs! This is how you can land your dream job.

If you’re still sending out CVs by the dozens; if you continue to wait by the phone, waiting for a call from that innovative, million-dollar company, you’re not going at it the right way. It’s a competitive world and there are many out there vying for your dream job. The only way to get through is to by getting your profile in front of top-notch recruiters. And that’s exactly why you need to switch to video. Here are our top five reasons on why video interviews are the way to your dream job.

Are You Missing Out On Good Talent? Switch to the Power of Video!

If there was one single factor that could determine a company’s success, what would it be? It’s in the numbers! The more zeros at the end of the balance sheet, the bigger the organization is. But more often than not, people forget to factor in another vital asset – the people who run the business! Simply put, the employees. Multi-million dollar corporations, however, are well-aware of this fact. It’s no surprise that most companies spend considerable, revenue, time, and effort in zeroing in on the right kind of talent.

To Follow or Not to Follow, the Dream!

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” – Carol Burnett, American comedian, and actress.

We’re always being told to aim high; to follow our dreams, and reach for the stars, and should we fail, we’ll at least find ourselves somewhere in the stratosphere. That’s good advice. But as with everything in life, there are two sides to every situation. Head and tails. Ying and Yang. Pros and Cons. Boon and Bane. Right and Wrong. And more often than not, life happens.

Can An Idea Change Your Life?

I know it can. In fact you would agree, for so many entrepreneurs and organization large or small, are built on an idea.

Decades ago, when the great motivational speaker said Earl Nightingale said, “Just one idea can change your life,” there was so much of wisdom and truth in just one sentence, it profoundly altered good fortunes for generations to come.

Don’t Let Women’s Day Lose It’s Identity!

I bet you know exactly where you were when you got the news of your first job. No matter how special or ordinary the job was, it was a special event.

Nearly everyone remembers this day vividly, no matter a man or a woman. But the day you decided to get your first job… it was a movement.

A series of powerful events, courses, actions, fights, marathon, that lead to your first job.

Did you see the difference? Let me unpack this for you on this women’s day.

Oh! They Have Put Me On Mainframes. But, Why!

“What have I done to deserve this? I passed my engineering with a first class and have joined this big MNC with dreams of working on the latest innovative IT technologies. But alas, I have been assigned on a mainframe project. Mainframes – the technology of the early 70s – the technology of my grandparents era. My career is ruined!”

Disruption- Bringing Conversations and Interviews to Life

The clock’s hands tick, a gentle reminder about the upcoming interview. But I still double-check the time from smart-watch, just in case (force of habit). Hang on, there’s a WhatsApp notification from my friend. She’s asking for directions to the cute little café I’d posted about on Instagram. No worries; I open ‘Maps’ on my smartphone, and send her the route. I’ve still got time left on my hands, so I browse through my Facebook feed, comment on my cousin’s new profile pic, and wish “Happy Birthday!” to a couple of friends. The calendar on my smartphone beeps, reminding me that the interview was drawing near, but my mind is now onto a different train of thought. All this communication & socializing happening, but remarkably, not a single word was spoken. Has communication finally evolved to that?