How Important is to Keep Your Employee Motivated at Workplace?

How to Keep Your Employees Motivated? Opportunities: You might have used this word during the interviews or pep talk. Now is the time to stand by the word and give your employee an opportunity to develop, upgrade the skills and mold into a better person. By doing so, the employees’ work efficiency will improve resulting in quality outcome and growth.

Why Your Resume Isn’t as Important as You Think It Is

For some students, such as those in digital marketing, it is sometimes mandatory to start a blog. The art of researching, writing and publishing will bring huge personal growth if done with steady and consistent persistence. It will also help you start creating personal digital assets that you control and own.

Artificial Intelligence For HR: The Way Forward

The function of Human Resource Management has experienced significant changes over the last few years. As a business, it is not just imperative to have the right people on board, but also to ensure that the employees are assigned to the right job!

Neutral Assessment is ‘Need of the Hour’

But, hiring the right candidate is one thing that hasn’t changed a bit. It was a problem then, it is a problem now.  Amidst all the other things, neutral assessment is needed to shortlist the right match.

Ladies, It’s About Time, to Get Back To Work!

You may have been away from work to raise your child, get married, or care for an elder family member. So, what do you do when it’s time to get back to work? Most women are overwhelmed with insecurity and fear.

Hire Neutrally Assessed Candidates with Monjin

With a growing job market, recruiters face several challenges. The main one is finding the right talent without going overboard on their budget. But is budget the only issue while hiring? Well, the answer is NO. Unbiased hiring i.e Neutral assessment is yet another significant issue which often goes unnoticed.

How to Retain Your Best Employee?

There is a possibility that while retaining one employee, you might miss out on some other talent. There will always be an option to choose, make sure you choose the right one to retain. If you are looking for a replacement for the other one, you can visit and get in touch with the executive to know more about a hassle-free hiring process.

Is Your Job Treating You Right? You Better Find Out

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