Biggest Mistake of My Life was when I Took that Job!

Taking up that job was the biggest mistake of my life. Let’s rewind the story to a couple of months back. I got selected in a renowned, classic multinational company. I was offered a hefty package which included my travel, food, even Gym! I was galvanized and said yes! I was earning while my other friends were still searching for the job. Dad was overjoyed. I was in the spotlight, my girlfriend, friends and even relatives were happy and wished me.

Then, self-realization hit me hard! I was hardly 25 odd days into the job and only thing I was hoping for, were Saturdays and Sundays. I never enjoyed the work I was assigned. I started bunking, (like- school) I literally lost interest in the job and took longer breaks, like the one right now, sitting in the canteen- writing a blog!

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The only thing which was going through my mind every day was how to get rid of this job. Many times, I thought of quitting the job but all those who wished me, laughed at me in my thoughts. I didn’t want to put my future in jeopardy by doing something silly. My conscience reminded me of all the lies, fake behavior during my interview. Why would anybody agree with all the things the interviewer says?! I was the only one to be blamed.

I decided to speak with my colleague who was with the company since last 4 years. He explained, “You know most of the candidates these days do what you did in your interview. I’m no different, the only reason I’m still here is because I have my family to support, loan to repay. He had a reputation to live up to. But was he alive?

That was it! I thought this through and resigned the same day. I didn’t wish to join that long list of employees who were there, not by choice but by necessity. And that day marked the change in my life, as I chose to be myself! The question is are you, The Real You?! (Image- Source)

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