Can An Idea Change Your Life?

Can An Idea Change Your Life?

I know it can. In fact you would agree, for so many entrepreneurs and organization large or small, are built on an idea.

 Decades ago, when the great motivational speaker said Earl Nightingale said, “Just one idea can change your life,” there was so much of wisdom and truth in just one sentence, it profoundly altered good fortunes for generations to come.

 I want you to let that one sentence sink in.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

 Said Goethe and asked us to just begin it.

 Even Kaizen, the Japanese approach to continuous improvement with small, non-threatening, easy-to-take baby steps.  Once you are comfortable with first step, you try another.  Take this one step approach and see how far it will take you.

 Well on this Women’s day and in the spirit of continuous improvement, we invite you to take a small yet bold step towards your next best job.

 We say it bold, because it has revolutionized the way many multi nationals now hire their next talent.

We Invite You Digitize You Resume

At Monjin’s Video Interviewing Platform

And Boldly Sell Your Skills

 How’s that this change from paper resume to a video interview helps you sell better

  Demonstration sells – the best sales person knows, demonstrations has so much selling power than mere presentation.  You sell your skills for a job. The best way to show your confidence, articulation, presentation skills, interpersonal skills and knowledge is to actually demonstrate it.

 Maximization of your efforts – Once your Video interview is done, it works on autopilot. Just a onetime effort (a onetime sales pitch) and you reach several hiring companies.

 Visibility sells   – The faster you are visible to companies, who need talent like you, the faster you are hired.

 Show how different you are – Don’t let your unique qualities muddle in your resume. The words on resume might not create a unique differentiation but a simple video interview of yours definitely can.

 And I won’t say that Video resume will instantly hand you a good job. But I assure it will help you sell better. And it will kick off your complex job searching task as Mark Twain said,

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The secret is getting started is of breaking your complex

overwhelming task into manageable task,

and then starting on the first one

 Sound simple, isn’t it? That the power in it.

Starting these women’s day let Mark Twain’s simple advice guide to move ahead and see faster progress in every department of your life.

 Start you first step here…., and change the way to approach hiring companies.

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