I chose the life my father wanted for me!

I successfully completed my graduation and one of the top company was visiting the campus for a recruitment drive. Having scored 81%, I was super confident on cracking that interview.

It was always expected out of me to be an engineer hence I took up B.E. I felt a little out of place in the beginning but eventually, friends, games, hostel life and the competitive streak filled the crack.

In the fourth year, I started inclining a little towards Data Structure and Algorithms. And since I invested my four precious years trying to score good marks, getting a job was an ideal thing to do.

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Finally, that day arrived, I wore the best shirt and put on a nice perfume, dad walked into the room and gave me his vintage watch as a lucky charm. He said, “This is it! This job will make your career. It is a kickstart to your long-term goal of being absolute best at everything!” His words encouraged me, I always fancied that watch.

“Its time,” said my friend as we went inside the room. There were 13 others like me who were keen to get the “dream job”. Finally, my turn came, I started off in style. The interviewer seemed happy with all my answers but somehow it felt that the closer I got to that job, the further away I was drifting from myself. I agreed to everything the employer said. He said, “There are no fix work hours, you might have to extend as well.” I said YES! “You might have to work in shifts as well, handle a lot of work pressure. Will you be able to live up to it?” I nodded, YES, meanwhile, my mind was not bothered by the amount of package they were offering (Trust me, it was huge.) Nor was I interested in the interview, anymore. I felt like a bird who’s trapped in a cage for the last 4 years and it is about to be trapped for a lifetime. I chose that life and said yes to the proposal.

That day someone was super happy. It was my dad!


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