Forget CVs! This is how you can land your dream job.

Forget CVs! This is how you can land your dream job.


If you’re still sending out CVs by the dozens; if you continue to wait by the phone, waiting for a call from that innovative, million-dollar company, you’re not going at it the right way. It’s a competitive world and there are many out there vying for your dream job. The only way to get through is to by getting your profile in front of top-notch recruiters. And that’s exactly why you need to switch to video. Here are our top five reasons on why video interviews are the way to your dream job.

  • On familiar grounds

Ever wonder why artists stick to their desks or rooms when creativity takes over? It’s because humans are known to find comfort and confidence in spaces that are familiar to them. You may or may not be an artist. But when you are job hunting and you need to be at your very best, it makes sense to give an interview in the comfort of your home. A familiar setting can calm your nerves and help you nail that interview.

  •  Reduced turn-around time

How often do you take a short-cut when you’re travelling? Chances are you do it almost every single day. The average interview process involves sending a CV, getting on a phone call, and if everything goes well, finally scheduling a meeting. But why do all the back-and-forth when you can take a short-cut and do more in less time. Take the short-cut. Skip the unproductive routine and save time with video interviews.

  •  A chance to be at your best

Here’s the thing. Everyone is always talking about putting your best foot forward. So, why hold back when it comes to an interview? Paper CVs can state your qualifications and work experience, but it doesn’t help in showcasing those important aspects that could actually get you hired, such as your personality, communication ability, and other soft skills. If your aim is to nail that interview, then it pays to put your best ‘face’ forward.

  •  The highway or the easy way

Why do things the hard way when there’s an easier option? The beauty of video-interviews is that it lets you forgo an unnecessary commute or travel. It saves you from getting stuck in traffic. It lets you save the monetary expenses involved, and it allows you to use your time for more productive purposes such as preparing for the interview. When left to choose, choose the easy way with video interviews.

  • Game up

They say you must ‘go where the money is’ or this case, ‘where opportunities are’. According to an article by, video communication is used by up to 60% companies, while video interviews are becoming commonplace with a 49% increase in use. If you’re still making do with paper CVs, it’s time to up your game.

To be noticed, you need to stand out. To succeed, you shouldn’t just work hard, but also work smart. Monjin – the world’s first video-interviewing network offers an ideal platform to reach potential recruiters from the comfort of your home. For more information on delivering stellar interviews, visit here.

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