I Never Looked Back after Setting Work Goals

After four tough rounds of interview, I was selected! I had to join the company in next couple of days. It was a major boost for my career, a stepping stone we can say.

I couldn’t sleep well for those two days. The excitement of joining a new office is altogether a different feeling. The office was located nearby my home. I had met the team with whom I was going to work during the last round of my interview. I was welcomed into the team with a round of applause. I was a bit nervous at first, but the team made me feel comfortable.

First few weeks were of an intense training and later one small test was held to check my learning. I cleared it convincingly and in the last week of my first month, we started discussing my targets.

Setting up my work goals were very crucial for me. I wanted to test myself and keep shifting gears. Me along with my reporting manager sat down and worked on few basic points.

1) Priority: The work which I needed to focus on, daily, it was the first on my list. No matter what, I had to complete the work labelled under priority before my deadline. Deadline is the keyword here.

2) Contribution: I was briefed about how I’m contributing in this office. That helped me understand value of the work I’m doing. My teammates too chipped in with a lot of quality inputs whenever I needed their help.

3) Long-term goals– This was essential as to know how I will be set up in the office 6 months down the line. It was so perfectly told, that I could imagine a picture of myself in the office’s canvas.

4) Number game: Apart from above three, we settled mutually on number game. I had to go beyond my limitations. It would only help me for the long term.

I made a plan and put up a timeline for each activity. I was totally committed, day in and day out. What happens when you set a target in front of you? The hunger to chase it down before the given time, it drives you and keeps you motivated. My manager added some bounty and I started working rigorously since then.

It has been four months since my joining, I hardly give any excuses. My work efficiency has tremendously increased, and my team members respect me for that. More importantly, I feel great to be a part of this office, all of this was possible because I set the goals and worked to achieve them. I can proudly say that the picture that I imagined on the office’s canvas is very much on point! (Image- freephotos.cc)

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