The Interview that Changed My Life

Here we are again. Melvin thought to himself. A sigh escaped his lips as his hands ran through his overly long hair and an insatiable urge grew within him to tear them all out of his skull. The urge grew stronger with every passing moment as he read the words of the e-mail open on the laptop screen before him.

‘We thank you for your time, but we have decided to go with someone else.’ An e-mail response from his recent interview read.

It was the same response as the previous nine times, and now he was beginning to lose his mind. In the small office room that Melvin shared with three other people, his colleagues watched with growing curiosity as Melvin slammed his laptop shut and left his table, standing with such zeal that his chair rolled away in complete disregard. As soon as the office door slammed shut behind him, a chorus of snickers and muffled laughter followed. It was common knowledge in the workplace that Melvin hated his job and had been trying to get out of it for a long time.

After this tenth attempt, which he had failed in much the same way that the previous nine, Melvin couldn’t take it anymore. The office walls had begun to close on him; the way his colleagues glanced at him with slanting eyes full of amusement brought a foul taste to his drying mouth and his skin grew itchy with the sensation of a thousand ants crawling under it as all hope of a getting a good job drained from his mind. He had to get out.

Melvin strode out of the office building with the look of a man bereft of hope. Try as he might, he couldn’t find a way to escape the dead-end clerical job that required him to push papers all day. His knowledge and training in Electronic Publishing could fetch him a more rewarding and better paying job for sure and with almost five years of experience, Melvin was a prime candidate and was almost always shortlisted after the selection process. Despite his qualifications, experience and the appearance of a perfect recruit on paper, Melvin was never able to get through to the end and get selected for the job.

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Melvin stormed down the streets of the metropolitan, listening to the bustle of the city as the perennial traffic flowed down the roads. His footfalls grew heavier with every passing moment as he walked up to the door of his favourite coffee shop in the area. A small bell clinked as he threw the door open and slumped down on the nearest seat. His hand reached up to his forehead on its own, rubbing the sticky skin sleek with sweat. Melvin didn’t need to order; the waiter knew what he wanted from the numerous times he had been there before. The coffee shop was Melvin’s refuge, a place where he could recharge his batteries. As such, he would appear multiple times every day for a cup of his favourite ‘white chocolate mocha’. He didn’t care that it was just cold coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a huge cup, it brought him joy and that was all that mattered to him.

“Yes mam, I have spent three years as a retail manager.”

A woman’s voice suddenly rang loud and clear in the coffee shop.

Melvin jumped upright in his chair. That voice, there was something so familiar about it. Not the person that it belonged to but the way that the person was speaking. It was an interview in-progress. Melvin had tried to speak that very way ten times in the past year and he had failed every single time. He stood up and headed towards the corner of the coffee shop where the only other customer sat with her back to him. As he inched closer with every step he heard the confidence in the woman’s voice, the comfort with which she spoke.

A laptop was open before her, propped up on a table next to a cup of black coffee. Earphones jutted out from her ears, trailing down to her laptop where they were plugged in. On the screen, another woman could be seen, who also had headphones on. Melvin watched with his jaw slowly starting to fall open. His thoughts raced through his own interviews, which were all held in person, and they all came rushing back to him in a moment of serene clarity. He had never been as comfortable or confident as this woman was nor had he ever answered with the same level of ease that she was able to.

Melvin had always felt that his certificates were the key to getting a job. He had been sure that being qualified was all that was required of a candidate and the interviews themselves were just a formal necessity. Now, as he watched the interview being conducted before him, the mistakes that he had made during his own interviews dawned on him. With every word the woman spoke, Melvin grew impressed and realized that had he been interviewing her, he would have hired her without a doubt.

“Thank you, I will wait for your response.” The woman said and ended the call. Melvin didn’t move or even blink as the laptop screen flashed orange for a moment before the name ‘Monjin Interviews’ popped up, followed by the message: ‘Be Visible. Let the world see how good you are at what you do.’

Melvin never forgot this chance encounter at that coffee shop. The encounter would go on to change his life, and years later when he would become a successful e-publisher at a well-respected publishing firm, he would remember when he had used the Monjin platform to give his first true interview from the comfort of his own home, on his own laptop and most importantly, on his own terms.  (Image- Source)

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(Disclaimer: The above article is originally written by Amey Ranade and has been reproduced with permission. Monjin is not responsible or liable for any content in this article.)

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