5 simple & highly effective steps towards excellent candidate experiences!

5 simple & highly effective steps towards excellent candidate experiences!

While the corporate world fully understands the importance of hiring the right candidate, many fall short when it comes to implementing a sound system in place. For starters, the concept of offering exceptional candidate experiences eludes most of us. And that’s something brands need work on, especially if they want to rope in good talent. Now, ensuring an enjoyable recruitment process is fairly easy. Besides, it also improves the overall brand image and positions your organization as a preferable place to work in, thereby attracting top talent. So, without much ado, here are our top five methods to craft a great candidate experience.

  1. KISS (No explanation required)

Most organizations’ have an online application process for candidates. And most often, it’s designed to repel rather than impress them. Imagine having to start an application process only to realize that lunch hour is over. Sometimes, candidates find that they need to upload soft copies of work experience certificates, portfolios or other details only when they reach the final leg; something they aren’t prepared for. And that’s where a lot of potential candidates drop out. On the other hand, it isn’t really that hard to create a good candidate experience. You can start by making the application process concise. Also, provide the estimated duration of the process or any details that need to be uploaded.

  1. Crystal clear, the JDs

It’s true that most job vacancies are posted along with the JDs but just how accurate are they? It’s commonplace to find long-winded job descriptions that are heavy laden with jargons. And usually, candidates end up getting a clear picture of their responsibilities only during the interview; some others, only after they join. And that’s not a pretty picture. So, play wise & cut down on the flowery language. Give a thorough JD so that both the candidate and the recruiter don’t waste more time than they need to.

  1. Let’s talk branding

Employees and employers need to acknowledge and appreciate the covalent bond that exists between them. As an organization that’s looking out for exceptional talent, you need to create unique experiences that will catch the attention of prospective candidates. This is best practiced during the interview phase. Tesla Motors, for example, offers their candidate a tour of the premises and introduces them around, to give them an understanding of their work culture. This simple gesture draws candidates towards the brand and also gives both parties the opportunity to assess if they are a good fit for each other.

  1. Take the easy way out

Major corporations such as Wal-Mart, Starwood Hotels, Dow Jones, and the like have now turned to video interviews, and perhaps it’s time you joined the bandwagon too. Video interviews have become a mainstay in the modern hiring process, thanks to numerous benefits such as lowering expenses and assessing more candidates in a given slot, among others. Conducting video interviews is not just convenient for recruiters, but also candidates who can avoid the long commutes and unnecessary hassles. Monjin is a leading video interviewing platform, that enables employers to upgrade their hiring process. To take your recruiting efforts to the next level, visit by clicking here.

  1. Get back!

Over 70% candidates don’t hear back from the HR personnel after an interview. Many recruiters choose to be silent than offer bad news – an approach that does not bode well for the organization or the candidate. It also defies the basic courtesy of doing the candidate the honor of responding to their time & interest. Correcting this is no rocket science. It simply requires the HR personnel to communicate with the candidate and inform them of their application status. To take this experience one step further, recruiters may also offer to provide feedback to the candidate, if they’re open to it.

So, if you haven’t already begun, now’s a good time to take stock of your current Candidate Experience. And while you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for our next post, where we’ll be talking about more unique ways to improve your candidate experience.


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