A New Way To Hire New Talent!

A New Way To Hire New Talent!

Campus recruitment means hiring an individual from a pool of talent, and it is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. But as important as campus recruitment is for a company, it is highly expensive, time-consuming, and tedious. Travelling to different universities and colleges leads to exorbitant overhead expenses. Excessive time and effort go in vain in the process as recruiters must spend time with each candidate before shortlisting the right ones.

Monjin, a next-generation, disruptive and an unconventional platform for employers and job-seekers is the solution. Recruiting process has come a long way – from a pen and paper format to online job forums, social media, and now virtual interviews. Virtual interviews are the need of the hour as they help organisations to save time, money, and effort and hire the best talent at the click of a button.

Monjin lets the organisations automate their campus recruitment process by using Monjin Spotlight. Monjin Spotlight lets the students create digital profiles and upload their video interviews on the web. Monjin Spotlight is a great way to conduct one-way video interviews, wherein the employers set up a questionnaire on the website and the candidates can record their answers over a video interview of sorts. The hiring team of the company then shortlists the desired candidates online and proceeds with the recruitment process. The organisation can select the appropriate candidate from the vast, pre-assessed, and verified database of broadcasted video profiles. Monjin is a great way to cost-effectively streamline the recruitment process and find the right fit for your organisation.

So, it is time to say goodbye to vacant workstations and delayed deadlines. Monjin is an uncomplicated and cost-effective method for campus recruitments and leaves the company with more time to focus on what is more important.

If you also want to simplify your search for new talents, partner with Monjin, visit us here.


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