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With a growing job market, recruiters face several challenges. The main one is finding the right talent without going overboard on their budget. But is budget the only issue while hiring? Well, the answer is NO. Unbiased hiring i.e Neutral assessment is yet another significant issue which often goes unnoticed.

What is Neutral Assessment?

Neutral assessment is when the interviewer or the hiring manager assess the candidate based only on his skills. The whole hiring process is unbiased. Other external factors like race, ethnicity does not play any part when interviewing or hiring the right candidate.

Neutral assessment is what a hiring manager should look at and that’s where Monjin steps in. Monjin’s core focus is to provide candidates who are assessed based on their skills and not on gender, race, ethnicity and geography. With neutral assessment, the organization will have employees coming from a different background- bringing in varied experiences, thoughts and ideas, which will result in a better work culture. Diversity is important in the workplace because it builds a company with a unique dynamic and a strong ability to adapt. It can also result in creative solutions for problems, and in increased productivity. There’s evidence that teams with a broader range of experiences and perspectives perform better, and diverse businesses are more likely to understand the needs of a wider range of customers and clients.

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Yet, many company-culture programs tilt into stealth discrimination. Resumes contain a lot of useful information for employers, but also are loaded with details that showcase gender, race or ethnicity. Even the most self-aware hiring managers can turn away qualified candidates because the applicant didn’t fit the expectations. Biased employment practices result in unfair discrimination in that individuals who have equal probabilities of succeeding on a job have unequal probabilities of being selected for it.

Video Interviews are the new resumes! So, should you really rely just on the resume before shortlisting a candidate? With Monjin, you will have access to over 50,000 pre-assessed candidate profiles by our expert interviewers and an unbiased rating which will make the hiring process easy for you.

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