Video Interviews Serve Only Part of The Hiring Process. So, who does the rest?

You’ve probably heard of the new-fangled interest in video-interviews. Most employers are ditching traditional face-to-face interviews and now prefer e-meeting candidates instead. In fact, a research by Office Team Inc. found that 63% of the hiring managers surveyed preferred to conduct video interviews. And perhaps, you’re one of them. But, here’s the big picture that you’re not seeing. Given its many advantages, video-interviews comprises only a part of the hiring process. It provides suitable tools that make it easier for you – the recruiter or the manager to conduct an interview. And that’s about it. In other words, it does only half the work, leaving you to complete the rest!

Let’s assume you’re the founder of an e-commerce start-up? You may be well-versed with retail trends and have an eye for fast-selling products. But to make the business fly, you’ll need support in other areas such as setting up a fully functional website, UI/UX developers, an analytics team, someone to manage blogs, drive SEO, and other similar or varies skilled people. Now, you know you need to hire people. But you just don’t know what kind of profiles you’re looking at. And that’s when you turn to a hiring panel.

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Monjin, for instance, offers Panel as a Service. This means that we work with you to understand the exact job description and requisites you’re looking for in your candidates. Then, we set out to curate a pool of candidates who fit the bill. How? Monjin has a team of industry veterans who serve as your interview panel. We’re talking about individuals who are experts in their fields with over nine years of experience. As mid-to-senior level managers who still serve the industry, they possess the technical know-how to assess a candidate’s skills. They have an eye for high-performers. And given their experience with conducting interviews, they know the exact questions to ask.

Monjin does not just offer a list of potential candidates. Every profile in our database is pre-assessed, pre-interviewed, and pre-rated by Monjin’s Interviewer panel based on many parameters to ensure that the candidates are hire-ready. With Panel as a Service, there’s just one thing left for you to do. And that’s to choose your candidate from our thoroughly vetted talent search portal! From Retail to Information Technology, Yachting and IT-enabled services; our experts come from a wide range of industries. And they’re here to ensure that your hiring process is a cake-walk.

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