How Swiping Ideas Can Turn Your Simple Hiring Process into a Crucial Valuable Asset!

How Swiping Ideas Can Turn Your Simple Hiring Process into a Crucial Valuable Asset!

It was from the banks the Fast food industry got the idea of take-away counter.

There tons of examples where organization have swiped ideas, working in a completely different industry, and profitably used for their own advantage and moved much beyond competition.

McDonald would have swiped idea of standardization and utilized it in making burgers, demonstrating the art of handling kitchen the world has never seen before. In a way creating a process which feeds over 68 million people per day with similar taste and quality, across the world.

One most prominent thing is having a standardized process in place so you can save tremendous time that delivers predictable and proven results and prevents you from having to continually reinvent the wheel.

But it’s not just your production or sales process that need standardization. The way you and your team assess candidates during the recruitment needs to be standardized too.

If you closely study assessment process of some of world’s top companies to work for, they have a documented, step-by-step process, exactly followed across all locations. Their team is trained to use those processes, simply because it has helped them consistently produce great results.

So, what should be there in a standard assessment process? Over the years we have closely worked with seasoned HR leaders in setting up a standard assessment process.

Does it attract the right candidates– Job analysis is the first step. A thorough technical and behavioural analysis of what job demands (considering work environment, company phase, growth objective) will help in understanding parameters most critical for a successful job role. The applicant and interviewer must know what’s expected.

Does it follow similar evaluation criteria–Different job roles demands different technical, behavioural and functional skills?  However, for any certain job the evaluation criteria have to be fixed. Otherwise it is impossible to determine the effectiveness of each individual data point used for selection.

Does it follow the same measuring meters– How would you know exactly if two different candidates are below average, average, good, very good, extremely good –unless each of your team members follow the exact same reference point. The entire recruitment or interviewing team should know exactly precisely why they bucketed a candidate in certain bucket.

Does it provide a valuable asset– Only once you have a standard stable process in place, you can work to further improve it.  A process that has longevity and is continuously giving you good results year after year is a valuable asset. Not only it is reliable and delivering results but it is helping grow your business too.

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