5 HR Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

We are eleven months into 2018 and people have already started predicting what will be the scenario in 2019 like for Human Resources. Companies are gearing up for reviews to track progress, it’s best to be updated. With a host of innovations & technological changes knocking on metaphorical industry doors, recruiters can hope to welcome 2019 with an upturn of new HR Trends that are soon to hit the industry. Let’s dive into the details.

1) The Rise of AI

It’s official — Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. While Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant are popular among users, word has it that AI is soon to make its place in the HR industry. In fact, Unilever already uses AI to hire entry-level positions. A far cry from the traditional method of scanning resumes, arranging interviews, and taking weeks together to finalize a candidate; the use of smart systems drastically cut the time-to-hire. The use of algorithms and data-driven insights also helps reduce biased hires by solely focusing on candidates’ skills.

2) Offsite Working Stations

According to a survey by FlexJobs, 85% of millennials prefer a job with telecommuting options. As organizations look for talent beyond their home countries, the need to have remote working options. A secure technological solution is imperative. The rise of a culturally diverse workforce has also propelled the need for telecommuting options. Thankfully, the use of Augmented Reality and video-interviewing tools such as Monjin provide seamless solutions to realize remote working options.

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3) Superior Candidate-Experiences

Here’s the thing — The Human Resource industry is candidate-driven! While the number of graduates and qualified individuals are on the rise, it has become equally difficult to find applicants who identify with an organization’s culture and brand values. According to a survey by KPMG, more than one-third of the applicants were ‘put-off’ by the exhausting recruitment process. But not for long! Companies are now opting for a more interactive hiring process with personalized recruitment strategies to ensure that their choice of talent chooses them back, and not their competitor.

4) Gamifying HR Management

So, how does it work? Glad you asked. Gamification uses triggers to motivate employees to deliver their best performance. Many gamification programs can also be loyalty programs in disguise, complete with chart scores, leaderboards, and achievement badges. The gamification system creates a fun and thriving environment that enables employees to address challenges with fervor. It also reinforces the concepts of team management and synergy.

5) Improved Hiring Accuracy

It takes an average of 42 days to hire a new candidate (SHRM). Further, a survey by SocialTalent found that a recruiter sourced about 225 candidates for a single hire. What’s missing here is efficient conversions. 2019 will witness the development of quality-based talent pipelines which will further improve hiring accuracy, modern hiring tools such as Monjin boast hiring accuracy by 86%. The use of AI and predictive analysis can further simplify the hiring process, by picking candidates with skillsets and achievements that match the given requirement. (Image source- edgenetworks.in)

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  1. Nivaan
    3 months ago

    Very interesting. There seem to be some recurring themes every year. I think your interview process and the 4 offerings therein will help both – recruiters and candidates. Nice piece, this. On another thing – the day AI gets to feel and express empathy and ‘converse’, when required, from a place much closer to the heart than the brain, will be the day you should ask if AI will start to replace HR professionals. No?

  2. Trucks
    3 months ago

    Ashli Grabarczyk

    Hey, I really liked your post and find it useful. Thank you

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