Introducing Monjin Basics: Find Talent Beyond the Parameter

Introducing Monjin Basics: Find Talent Beyond the Parameter

Introducing a brand-new plug-in to expand your reach: Monjin Basics

A 2015 study by Deloitte reported that it takes an average of 70 days to hire skilled production workers & 94 days, in case of highly skilled roles. Rome wasn’t built in a day and hiring good talent for an organization is no different. From putting out calls for vacancies to sifting through numerous resumes, identifying the right candidate, negotiating, and more – the recruitment process is quite elaborate. And that’s not the only problem!

Unfilled positions are costing your company right now! For any job that’s vacant, the organization loses in terms of productivity, lack of timely actions taken, and lost opportunity costs. In fact, according to a study by Glassdoor, unfilled IT jobs in the US alone adds up to a whopping $20.1 billion.

At Monjin – the world’s top video-interviewing and assessment platform, we understand HR requirements like no one else. Our hiring tools and services help recruiters finalize the right fit within 72 hours, increase hiring accuracy by 86%, reduce the net time-to-hire, cut down recruiting costs and enjoy a slew of benefits.

In a bid to further streamline the recruiting process, we’ve introduced another exciting feature. Here’s presenting Monjin Basics – a plug-in that allows individuals (particularly candidates and interviewers) hold virtual interactions and interviews on Monjin with zero sign-ups.

Monjin Basics can be used by organizations, irrespective of their chosen service model (OCOI/ YCOI/ YCYI).  The process is rather simple. Once recruiters add the email ids of their preferred candidates & industry experts into the plug-in, Monjin sends out automated emails with a unique reference code and link. Using which the interviewers and candidates can schedule an interview slot of their convenience.

Monjin Basics: Experience the advantage

Recruiters can enjoy a number of benefits with Monjin Basics

  • It cuts short the interview process
  • It helps recruiters maintain their own talent database
  • It avoids the hassle of tedious sign-ups and registrations
  • Organizations get to schedule interactions with select interviewers & candidates

When it comes to hiring good talent, it is essential to get your basics in order. Set your employment parameters & we’ll help you go beyond. Visit us at Monjin.

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