Look beyond ‘Just in time hiring’, Let Monjin Solve your Hiring problems

Ask any recruiter and they all will have one problem in common, Hiring! It is one of the most underrated words but plays an utmost important part of every successful organization. Recruiting, sifting through resumes, and interviewing to find the perfect candidate can take months, and it isn’t cheap.

What is Just in Time hiring (JIT)?

Conceptualized by the founder of Toyota, Just-In-Time recruiting is based on the Lean, pull-based strategy of providing hiring managers/clients with candidates that exactly match their needs, when they want them, in the amount they want, without the safety net of a traditional candidate pipeline/WIP inventory. Top MNCs usually implement just-in-time recruitment to avoid a bench and to optimize resources, in a bid to increase competitiveness in tough market conditions.

As per the report by NASSCOM, ‘Just-in-time’ hiring came into picture due to the uncertain market conditions, industry adapted different hiring patterns with increasing emphasis on just-in-time recruitment rather than the conventional campus hiring.

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Is Just in Time still in trend?

Gone are the days when hiring managers used Just in time hiring, with Monjin’s Our Candidate Our Interviewer (OCOI) you no longer need to worry about your hiring requirements. You can save a lot of time and cost. OCOI is a vetted database with recorded, indexed interviews and granular assessments. Share interviews with hiring managers and decision makers instantly. The interviews can be calibrated by HR, technology managers & hiring managers with a conversion rate of over 80%. So, what all Monjin provides?

1.     Hiring accuracy         Check
2.     Lower Attrition rate         Check
3.     Talent pool of over 50,000 pre-assessed profiles         Check
4.     Save time and cost         Check

Take a giant leap forward with Right Technology, Right Candidates and Right Panel of Interviewers. Arm yourself with tools and system to grow in today’s competitive hiring environment. (Image credits- Pixabay)

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