Monjin’s Vision Aligned with Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Monjin’s Vision Aligned with Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Getting your name to appear in a widely respected internationally acclaimed research report- is one of the greatest feelings. It’s great for credibility and business both.

But what happens, when there is a research which projects important global trends and you and your organization have already conceptualized powerful solutions around those trends and started to help other organizations?

You tread heavily on your feet, scream, run, shout. Or you could celebrate. And that’s what we are doing right now.

Let us explain why!

Just recently, Deloitte released it fifth annual Global Human Capital Trends report and survey.

The reason why we are excited and bringing this to your attention is that, of all the eight Global Human Capital Trends which Deloitte explores in the report, mostly revolves around new rule of HR in the digital age.

And Monjin, vision is aligned to most of these trends. In fact, Monjin has already been working with several of its clients, changing the playing field of their interviewing sport. Helping organizations, candidates and interviewers to digitize the interviewing process

The research says, “It is abundantly clear that technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), mobile platforms, sensors, and social collaboration systems have revolutionized the way we live, work, and communicate—and the pace is only accelerating.”

It also says, given the pace of change and the constant pressure to adapt, it is not surprising that executives identified building the organization of the future as the most important challenge for 2017.

Notably Monjin has been on the same mission to help organization to adapt digital HR technology, through a smoother transition process, preparing organizations to be future ready.

Another major trend, the reports mentions is the how certain leading organization are using the analytics and new technologies to find people best-fit to the organization.

Considering, talent acquisition to be the third most important challenge company faces, it’s becoming more evident that companies need to empower themselves with intelligent technologies

And since this change has started to deepen its root, transforming the recruitment processes, Monjin stands tall, head-to-head, claiming a major role in revolutionizing the way many of its global client now hire their talent.

Another major trend report talks about the digital HR which involves deploying new HR technologies. Again, Monjin raises its hands for helping organizations, candidates and interviewers to multiply their efforts exponentially through our video interviewing technology.

The reason we are so excited is because these global trends exactly aligned to Monjin’s vision. And when we got hand to Deloitte’s reports, we do not shy away in taking it as an opportunity to reward our own hard work.

Bottom line is that organizations need to re-write their HR manuals and adapt technology of the new digital age. As it is not an opinion or intuition but solid projections derived from a survey of more than 10,000 HR and business leaders across 140 countries.

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