Retaining Top Talent and Spotting Inspiring Leaders

Let’s face it folks! We have entered an era of disruption. We are operating digitally backed with communication speed and technology. Firms and businesses encounter multiple challenges in the emerging global era. Identifying top talents with unique skills and spotting inspiring leaders of tomorrow forms the core of any organization. While it is imperative for the leaders to recognize new solutions and offerings, the top talents are expected to notch up their learning curve.

Hiring Challenges in the era of disruption

On the parallel road, India is stepping towards the digital era while the demographic is experiencing a ‘sweet spot.’ While the working-age population shall continue its steep increase till 2030, lack in talent management can result in the lose out of huge promising potentials. In my opinion, the collective intellect and intensity of modern India present the opportunity to undertake pre-emptive measures which could enable to contribute and benefit from this latest era of disruption.

Build a sustainable talent acquisition framework

Opportunities in the hiring are plenty! According to me, HR function, like other areas, is undergoing a transitional phase. Despite the challenges, top talents can be retained, leaders of tomorrow can be spotted applying the right hiring practices. The aim of futuristic enterprises should be to build a sustainable talent acquisition pool, further enabling development & retention of programmes. Rapid growing Indian businesses must engage in skill sharpening and mentoring top talents, besides channelizing their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Capitalize on technology and its offerings

The era of disruption has not just posed hiring challenges. It has also paved new opportunities for HR professionals to set up the strategic framework. It is important for organizations to realize the aim of new technology, focused on personalization, motivation, recognition, and an overall compelling experience. In my opinion, HR must develop a highly agile infrastructure powered with the latest technology tuned with outcome-based attitude over a process-centric approach. Also, considering 75% of the 2025 global workplace will be Millennials and Generation Z, it’s crucial for organizations to consistently keep a pulse on employee engagement.

Restructure Organisational Goals to enable digital transformation

The leadership team in an organization is responsible to align its thoughts with the digital transformation. Top management must determine how digital trends will fit into the overall business model for higher efficiency. This alignment will shape the future of an organization’s digital capabilities. According to me, HR role holds the key to mapping digital’s future and it’s areas of application.

Developing and empowering human capital to make a seamless shift and adapt to the new technology world is key to make sense of India’s huge demographic dividend. HR plays an important role in enabling digital leaders in the organization and equipping them with the required essential skills and furthering their leadership characteristics. Like every organizational pillar, Human Resources (HR) must embrace and adapt to the technological advancements while transforming the organizational goals. (Image- Pressfoto / Freepik)

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