Traditional Hiring Is Like Amateur Fishing and It’s Time To Change

Traditional Hiring Is Like Amateur Fishing and It’s Time To Change

Join the recruiting revolution with one-way video interviews

Ever been fishing? You cast a line and wait patiently for the fish to come to you. You hope for that gentle tug on your line, and further hope still, that you find a fish and not some floating piece of scrap. That’s what the amateur fishing process is like. It’s long. It’s time-consuming and it’s done by people whose livelihood doesn’t depend on it. As for professionals, they do it differently. They go to the deep ends where schools of fish swim. They cast a net, they make a good catch, and they do good business.

The traditional hiring process, unfortunately, is a lot like amateur fishing. Recruiters outline their offer and wait, and wait, for candidates to come looking for it. They then scan through hundreds of CVs. They schedule multiple rounds of interviews until they filter down to an ideal candidate before they can make an offer. And sure, they hire the best candidate that’s available. But very often, they are not the best hires possible.

When it comes to tradition recruiting process, that’s all it is – a prayer and the possibility of the perfect hire. Whereas with new-age video interviews, it’s not just the possibility, but the assurance of the perfect hire.

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The World Of One-Way Video Interviews

One-way video interviews have been paramount in changing and improving the recruiting process. This method allows candidates to get in front of the camera and answer pre-assigned interview questions, without the assistance or involvement of any individuals. Candidates are thus able to finish their preliminary interview in a convenient and timely fashion without the hustle.

On the other hand, recruiters get to access video profiles as compared to paper CVs. Right from the get-go, they get to see and assess candidates based on their language, their personality, and other soft-skills. They are also able to assess their technical knowledge based on a set of pre-recorded questions. But most of all, they are able to detail out essential information and shortlist profiles right at the initial stage, thereby cutting through the clutter. One-way interviews also allow them to access & shortlist multiple profiles in a fraction of the time, as compared to traditional interviews.

According to a research by Mollie Lombardi and Ted Bondenrader, 52% of companies utilize video-enabled applications. And of the 52%, 95% companies have experienced improved employee retention. Another case study conducted by iCIMS with Cumming Corporation found that video-interview screening helped reduce the time-to-fill by 57 percent.

The results are clear, and frankly, quite compelling. With a host of associated benefits, video-interviews is the way forward. Monjin, a leader in providing video-interviewing solutions helps organizations find and recruit ideal candidates, thereby increasing the time-to-hire and reducing expenses. If you’re ready to revolutionize your hiring process, visit us at

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