Don’t Let Women’s Day Lose It’s Identity!

Don’t Let Women’s Day Lose It’s Identity!

I bet you know exactly where you were when you got the news of your first job. No matter how special or ordinary the job was, it was a special event.

Nearly everyone remembers this day vividly, no matter a man or a woman. But the day you decided to get your first job… it was a movement.

A series of powerful events, courses, actions, fights, marathon, that lead to your first job.

Did you see the difference? Let me unpack this for you on this women’s day.

Not that it makes a difference but there was nothing event full happened on 8th March, a century ago. There were series of movements fired up in early 1900.

Starting in 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights.

In the subsequent years ahead, the movement picked up the fire. And in 1913 Women’s day was shifted to 8th March.

Now hear this, years ago, several movements converged to a powerful unsettled force leading to the Independence Day. Now that we are independent, we celebrate 15th August as an event.

But unfortunately, even though the battle for gender parity is not even half-fought….

Women’s day started to lose its identity to a yearly event….. losing it to women hood or feminism.

Don’t let pink balloon and colorful corporate events

burn the essence of this critical movement forever.

It’s about Women’s rights to work, get equally paid, be trained, opted for leadership positions and end discrimination

Over the years we have seen women rising like a parachute with some of the most vibrant colors ever seen.

Yet, you and I know, not every parachute could take off. Many women, for filthy reason, were stopped to fly-high, or people-in-power deliberately directed terrible winds in those areas.

Not everyone could fought-back.

And we see wounds everywhere.

Infact even happy events like maternity, marriage and re-location negatively affect their professional life. Sometimes forever.

 The playing field is tougher for a woman.

The Women’s day was started to level it

Let’s not stop, until we see it happen.

Today International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural

and political achievement of women. But it’s a reminder that the cause is producing results. And fight is still on.

So let us join hands…… to not let the women’s day lose its identity.

Remember the women won’t want world to get softer.

They want the world to play equal.

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Happy Women’s Day


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