Neutral Assessment is Need of the Hour for Hiring

Human resource management has seen a tremendous makeover and technological advances over the last few years. There are various tools to make the hiring process easier, simpler. The different types of software are ready to keep all your data related to HR functions at one place, available at one click.

But, hiring the right candidate is one thing that hasn’t changed a bit. It was a problem then, it is a problem now.  Amidst all the other things, an unbiased assessment is needed to shortlist the right match. So, are the interviewers too responsible to get that perfect match? Interviewer’s mindset from the beginning should be simple –select the best candidate for the job. Gender, age, ethnicity or geographies should not affect the decision-making process.

Recently appointed as HR Leader at Reliance Industries, Sumit Neogi shared some of the common assessment errors that are observed. They are as follows-

  • The Recency Error: Failure to consider the entire rating period and focusing on recent performance only, whether it is negative or positive.
  • The “Halo /Horns” Error: Letting one favoured trait(halo) or one disfavoured trait (horns) influence objective performance assessment by manager.
  • Contrast Error: Evaluating an employee in relation to another. The employee’s performance should be evaluated against his/her performance standards.
  • “Similar to Me” Error: View the employee as similar to himself/herself and therefore have feelings of comfort and compatibility.
  • Stereotyping: The impressions that an evaluator forms about an entire group can alter his or her impressions about a group member. In other words, a principal might find a mathematics teacher to be precise because all mathematics teachers are supposed to be precise.

While in-person interviews have historically been used to measure a candidate’s soft skills, such as communication, empathy or friendliness, many firms are now moving toward digital interviewing to both limit travel costs and speed up the hiring process. One such example is monjin- a video interviewing and assessment platform.

As noted by Venture Beat, new technologies now make it possible to capture and store data from these interviews, in turn giving recruiters substantive information to leverage when making final hiring decisions rather than relying on personal recollection or handwritten notes. Bias can’t be removed completely at present scenario. But by making use of proper technology like implementing hiring software, adapting video interviewing platform unconscious bias might be eliminated radically.

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