Neutral Assessment: Keep Bias Out of the Hiring Grid

Human Resource Management has undergone a huge transformation over the recent past. Thanks to technological advancements, HR functions are driven towards rapid growth while introducing the latest tools to simplify hiring processes.

Many people face discrimination in one way or another; Plus-sized people are treated mockingly at the office; women earn lesser than men; Bias occurs at every level in the workplace. While the examples lead us to one question – can this ever be turned around? – using Neutral Assessment techniques can be highly beneficial for your organization in the long run.

Simply put, Neutral Assessment, a term that has emerged of late, is a technique of evaluating potential candidates without any biases. This technique also fills the gaps between formal investigation & inaction with sheer purpose to untangle situations, assess risks, & identify solutions to tackle obscure situations.

Jonathan Segal, a lawyer by profession, speaks & writes about biased hiring extensively. He opines, “most CEOs understand the concept of unconscious bias, they just don’t believe it happens at their company. But it’s probably there, starting with the hiring process itself.”

Here are some of the ways in which bias can be eliminated from the organization’s spectrum.

Begin with Human Resources (HR) Department

I believe that the easiest place to start with erasing bias is with recruitments. The ads displayed for hiring process must maintain an equal tone of voice rather than tilted predominantly towards male candidates.

 Consider referrals with Caution

While referrals are the best way to hire candidates, bear in mind that it can have a reversal effect. Consider this, the referred candidates might be a replica of the existing ones, which might end up backfiring.

 Overturn that Resume

While resume details are a great way to gauge the potential candidates, the same can be a deterrent. Details like the university, caste, religion can lead to bias decisions made by managers during the hiring process.

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  Introduce Diverse Panels for Diverse Slates

If the interview is slated by one sect of people, there is an increased chance of bias. On the other hand, if there are a diverse sect of people interviewing, everyone can contribute to an organization’s assorted growth.

 Maintain a Standard Format of Interview Questions

Leaving the question framework to be set solely by a manager can lead to an unorganized selection process, due to subjectivity. Keep the questions formatted and regulated throughout the hiring process.

The need of the hour is finding a perfect candidate match for the job. Despite technological advancements, HR function poses multiple challenges. Selecting the right candidate among the herd demands Neutral Assessment. With this technique, you can eradicate bias in the selection processes. In order to eliminate unconscious bias radically, HR Management systems must implement hiring software, adapt video interviewing platform and other innovations for increased workforce productivity.

As far as I am concerned, with effective strategic HRM system, you can do wonders. Imagine if you were the core of fostering a sense of team spirit & camaraderie within the organization. Not just that, you can also constantly monitor employee progress and differentiate between the top performing ones and others. The average performers can be trained and development up to the level of top performers in due time. Any organization’s strategic vision is to is to influence the creation & evaluation of HR policies and the reverse is also true. Deploy the technique, Neutral Assessment, to your HR management system to ensure high workforce productivity. (Image- Jcomp)

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