Possessing These Traits Make You an Expert Interviewer!

Possessing These Traits Make You an Expert Interviewer!

During a job search stint, most part of the burden to perform well falls evenly on the candidate’s shoulders.

Among the recruiters or interviewers, it is inevitably assumed that an interviewee is the only one responsible for the failure or success of the interview and the same is used as a preliminary level of assessment for their job relevancy.

Well, I certainly agree that it is highly important for the interviewee to put his/ her best self forward but this doesn’t entirely mean that the interviewer holds negligible or zero impact on the interview.

If we think closely, we’ll realise that to some extent, an interviewer also drives the performance of the candidate. In fact, a lot of recent studies propose that an inexperienced or unprepared interviewer can bring out worst in an interviewee. And in such scenario, evaluating the candidate’s performance is neither wise nor acceptable.

And if you have been in the position of an interviewer ever, consciously, or sub-consciously you will agree to this. Isn’t it?

But, things can be modified and fortunately so can be skills. So, stack up your interviewing skills with the below and fine tune your technique to emerge as a Super Interviewer.

Don’t Skip the Prep up

It is always expected out of the candidates that they do their homework before the interview but the responsibility just doesn’t lie on them. The interviewer should also make sure to carve out some time before the interview to go through candidate’s application material and resume.

Making a few notes about the kind of questions that needs to be asked will give the interviewer more latitude for the potential discussion.

Take the Interview Easy by Going Easy

Long time ago, ‘stressful interviews’ was something everybody would talk about BUT not anymore. HR experts now believe that cultivating a positive and healthy environment is the best way to elicit the true potential from the candidates.

Ask Good to Get Good

The time has changed. Lately, the word has been breaking stereotypes be it against gender discrimination or racial intolerance. And, similarly the way interviews are being taken should undergo a change too.

Stay away from asking the cliché “Tell me something about yourself” and instead indulge in a conversation which is more personal and relevant to applicant’s personal work experience.

Don’t be afraid of silences in between and the spaces as well. Give candidate the needed time to analyse, articulate and answer.

To sum up, it can be safely said that a good interview is a collaboration between an ‘Interviewer’ and a ‘Candidate’. So, an Interviewer armed with the above tricks can be certain to find the best of talents in the industry.


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