Who Could be a Monjin Interviewer and How?

Who Could be a Monjin Interviewer and How?

Before we begin to describe ourselves, who can be a Monjin Interviewer; let’s peep into the lives of our existing Interviewers Network and see who they are!

“Am a Product Consultant with 10+ years of work experience in Mobile Technologies. An avid reader, a nature wanderer, a free soul. I love what I do and I do what I do.”

 -Vibha Gupta

 “Am a Mobile Product Manager with 11+ years of work experience in UX, Usability development. A tech freak, football fanatic and a certified scuba diver.”

 -Ankit Shah

You would have gotten a fair idea from the above that our interviewers are not just versatile but are also highly skilled in their discipline of work.

Monjin has a unique and by far the largest network of interviewers empanelled with us from around the globe and all these Subject Matter Experts (SME) are associated with renowned technology giants and top MNCs.

Now, let’s come back to the question on who could be a Monjin Interviewer.

To be a Monjin Interviewer-

  • The person should come from a strong IT and Technical background.
  • The person must have at least 9 years of niche skill expertise and
  • He /She must also possess good verbal communication skills.

So, any person matching the above criteria could be a Monjin Interviewer to interview candidates for multiple top MNCs and earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month.

To register, visit the link here.


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