Biggest Mistake of My Life was when I Took that Job!

Taking up that job was the biggest mistake of my life. Let’s rewind the story to a couple of months back. I got selected in a renowned, classic multinational company.  I was offered a hefty package which included my travel, food, even Gym! I was galvanized and said yes!

I Chose the Life My Father Wanted for Me!

In the fourth year, I started inclining a little towards Data Structure and Algorithms. And since I invested my four precious years trying to score good marks, getting a job was an ideal thing to do.

Diversity & Inclusivity At Work And Why It Matters!

The lines between social, cultural, and more importantly geographical borders, are constantly blurring. This could be for a number of reasons such as migration, inter-racial families, political opinions, cultural amalgamation, and the like.