4 Ways to Streamline HR Operations Using Video Interviewing Network!

4 Ways to Streamline HR Operations Using Video Interviewing Network!

Videos are taking over other forms of media and for good reason. It’s convenient, more relatable, and engaging. So, it’s only natural that videos are now being used as the preferred medium of communication in most areas, HR being the latest one. As an HR personnel who’s looking to maximise productivity in the least amount of time and with minimal costs, here are a few ways of streamlining your process by using the power of video for hire.

  • Keep a shortlist

Starting anything from scratch is difficult. The same applies to the area of recruitment. It’s cumbersome, putting out a new call for CVs, screening every profile, and repeating the same process over again. So, why not skip the trouble? You could begin by maintaining a short-list of preferred candidates — these could be of individuals who made it to the final rounds of recent interviews, any prospective profiles that may have arrived in your inbox or on your desk. You can always direct them to a video-interview and take it forward. Monjin, for instance, allows you to create a shortlist of profiles that you can revisit whenever required.

  • Stop & Schedule

While email communication is great, it takes away a lot of your time. As an HR executive who’s trying to find the right candidate from a rather long list, you end up spending more time setting up interviews and answering questions, than you realize. Cut through the clutter and schedule for a video call or interview. It’s always effective to round up any talking points you have and go over it in one shot. This makes it easy for both parties and you get to access more candidates in the given time frame with video calls as opposed to traditional email.

  • Turn to the experts

Yes, it’s your job to onboard the perfect employee. But oftentimes, you don’t know the technical job requirements and coordinating with team heads or department executives can be a tiresome task. So, what do you do? How about delegating tasks? You can round up a list of back-to-back calls with the concerned person so that you get more done in one shot. This also enables better comparative analysis as you interview one candidate after another. Or, you could simply delegate the interviewing process to Monjin and have industry veterans conduct the interviews and assess the candidates, leaving you with a curated list of top-performing individuals.

  • Make the most of your networks

Referrals are a great way of finding and landing jobs for candidates. But here’s the thing – HRs can use it too. Say you need an incredible candidate who meets the mark and comes highly recommended. Perhaps, there’s someone in your network who has the perfect profile sitting on your desk, but you won’t know unless you ask them. Connecting with others in your network enables you to create strong relations and builds your brand value, (provided that you try to return the favour). Monjin has an exclusive community of industry professionals that you can use to your advantage, whether it’s by nurturing meaningful associations or through the exchange of opportunities.

The more candidates you interview, the more your chance of finding the right fit. This also means more expenses incurred in terms of time, travel, and accommodation. Fortunately, video-interviews have changed that. The talent pool is as large as you want it to be. The process is simplified. The expenses are cut short. And you get a lot more done in less time. The most successful businesses are the ones that have changed with the times. And now, it’s time for you to decide. For more, visit here.

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